Come Worship the Lord Jesus Christ with us!

When Do We Meet?

  • Sunday AM - 10:30 AM

What Should I Expect?

When you visit the Church of Christ at Groesbeck you can expect some things that you might expect and, maybe, some things that you may not expect.

First, we are a friendly congregation of Bible believers who are primarily older people. We have a desire for growth, so we would love to have more people and families who are younger and who may have children.

Second, we are a church that is connected to the American Restoration Movement. This was a movement we try to restore simple New Testament Christianity. We desired to do Bible things in Bible ways, therefore, religious practices that are not found in the New Testament are not practiced here. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, so it is highly respected. Probably the biggest thing that a person will notice is the music is acapella, that is singing only and it is congregational singing. There is no chorus or solos, the whole congregation sings.

A person can feel free to use whatever translation of the Bible they choose. Many members will use the New King James Version and in preaching sometimes verses from the English Standard Version are read. We do have pew Bibles; most are the King James Version. You can also feel free to use electronic Bible on your cell phone or tablet.

You will also find that people will be dressed in different styles of clothing. Some may wear suits and tie, some will be in dresses, but most will be what can be called business casual. Some will be wearing blue jeans.

A warm and friendly welcome awaits you.